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Welcome to Pennington Consulting

Organisations are struggling with speed, complexity, and consistency of change. At Pennington Consulting I provide operational management consulting including the strategy and operational effectiveness of an organisation, the leadership skills of the senior team, and the practical skills to help managers manage well.

A trusted advisor and pragmatic down to earth professional with a broad range of expertise across a wide range of sector.

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Pennington Consulting works with public and private sector organisations and the NGO sector.

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Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing and mental health are key people issues for people and culture practices. You take your whole self to work and your whole self, home and we want to be our best at work and support our people to be their best at home. With my background as a CEO for workplace wellbeing services and as a clinician in health, I work with organisations on their wellbeing goals as a consultant and keynote speaker.

Response and support to trauma

The challenge of responding to psychological trauma is part of the health and safety landscape. As a trained trauma responder, who has acted as a national critical incident lead, and having been a NZ representative on the Australasian Board of EAPAA, I am available to consult and speak to support your organisation’s response to trauma.

Professional Memberships


Member of CIMA
Member of Institute of Directors NZ
Member of EAPAA
Member of ICISF